How To: Add Endless Scrolling to Home Screen Pages & App Folders on Your iPad or iPhone

Add Endless Scrolling to Home Screen Pages & App Folders on Your iPad or iPhone

When you're scrolling through your iPhone's home screens, you'll inevitably reach the end and have to either swipe backwards or hit the Home button to return to the first page. Why Apple didn't instill an endless scrolling feature, or at the very least an option for it, is anyone's guess, but just because you can't do it out of the box doesn't mean you can't do it.

Mobius is a free Cydia tweak that enables endless scrolling, so instead of swiping back and forth from beginning to end, you can continuously scroll between all of your pages. For Cydia aficionados hoping for the return of popular iOS 6 tweak Wraparound, Mobius is a more than adequate replacement for iOS 7 devices.

You will, of course, need a jailbroken iOS 7 device to proceed onwards.

Step 1: Add Tyler's Repo

You can install Mobius through Cydia, but you will need to add Tyler Casson's repository ( to your Cydia sources. To do so, open Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add.

Step 2: Install Mobius

Once you've added the repo, you'll see "Tyler's Repo" in the Sources section of Cydia. Go ahead and select the repo and you'll see Mobius listed (it should be the only item there).

Tap on Mobius and install it onto your iPad or iPhone. You will know if your current device is compatible by looking below the author and package settings tabs (current support for devices running iOS 7.0 to 7.0.5).

Step 3: Respring, Scroll, & Enjoy

After installation, just respring your device. When back up, you will not need to mess with any settings; the application will work automatically.

You can seamlessly scroll between all of your pages without skipping a beat. And for the folder users out there, it works inside those as well.

Your Home button will still work to get back to page one, but now you've got another, and in my opinion, more natural option when you hit the last page on your home screens. If you're not digging the endless scroll, simply uninstall the tweak.

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