How To: Add a 5th Column of Apps to Your iPhone's Home Screen in iOS 7

Add a 5th Column of Apps to Your iPhone's Home Screen in iOS 7

When I compare my iPhone 4S to my friend's iPhone 5, I notice that his elongated screen gives him an extra row of applications. Am I jealous? Yes, a little.

Unfortunately, we can't alter the physical form of our device, but we can tweak our icon layout to add more apps snugly together on our home screens using a mod from Cydia.

For this process, you will need a jailbroken iPhone 4S or above running iOS 7, so if you're not jailbroken yet, then check out our easy article detailing how to jailbreak your iOS 7 device for help.

Step 1: Install Five-Column SpringBoard

Head on over to your pre-installed Cydia application, then search and download the free Five-Column SpringBoard tweak.

Step 2: Enable Tweak

After you installed it properly, go into your Settings application and scroll down until you see the Five-Column SpringBoard options. From here, you will enable the tweak and wait for your device to restart.

Step 3: Squeeze Those Apps Together

You're now ready to squeeze in some extra apps on your home screen. The apps have an overlaying-look, so until the icon resizing tweak is patched over for iOS 7, you'll have to deal with this, but I actually like it.

Comment with reactions and questions, and enjoy!

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I can't find cydia in the AppStore what do I do please answer

Did you jailbreak? That's the initial step needed to acquire Cydia.

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