News: You Can Now Use Your iPhone as an Android TV Remote

You Can Now Use Your iPhone as an Android TV Remote

You may not own an Android TV device, but your current smart TV may have Android TV functionality built-in already. If not, your next TV could. Either way, you won't need an Android phone or tablet for a remote, because there's a new iOS app for iPhone that'll let you control the service with a D-pad or voice.

Google has just officially released Android TV to the iOS App Store, specifically for the iPhone and iPad running iOS 8 or higher. With the app, you can control your Android TV with the directional pad or by gestures with the touchpad. Another feature allows you to perform a voice search on the TV using the iPhone's microphone, possibly a direct stab at Apple TV.

For gamers who want a multiplayer experience but don't have controllers, the app also allows for multiple iPhones to be connected to the Android TV—provided that the television is fully set up and that all the other iPhones have the app installed and are on the same Wi-Fi network as Android TV.

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