News: With Frenzy, You'll Online Shop Like You Never Have Before

With Frenzy, You'll Online Shop Like You Never Have Before

With the massive popularity of online clothing brands like Missguided and Fashion Nova, it seems that shopping in-store is a thing of the past. I admit that I love browsing from the comfort of my own bed, but there's something to be said for actually going to a store, speaking to people with similar tastes and penchants for shopping. Fortunately, with Frenzy — Shopify's new app for iOS — you get all of the convenience of online shopping, plus the opportunity to interact with other users in person.

This new app from Toronto-based eCommerce platform Shopify is intended to provide shoppers with trendy flash sales that also help you meet others with your same fashion interests. Frenzy works by allowing retailers to host flash sales on the app. To purchase items from each sale, users must go to a specific location, called a Dropzone. Here, you can shop the online sale surrounded by others looking to get their hands on the deal.

Frenzy's most recent flash sale was in Los Angeles. Users flocked to the Dropzone — Elysian Park — for the online sale, hoping to be one of the lucky few to purchase a hoodie from the popular brand Anti Social Social Club. Like all of the app's other sales, users could not pick up the apparel on-site. Rather, Frenzy ships your items to you.

Frenzy is looking to expand, by hosting more flash sales in New York, Chicago, and across Europe. Currently, you have to purchase your items with Apple Pay, so this limits how many people can use Frenzy. Hopefully, the app will expand its payment options and become available to Android users as well.

Even if you have Apple Pay set up on your mobile device, you could still be ineligible for the sale if you show up late. If you're not in the designated location at least a few seconds before the sale starts, you can't participate.

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