News: Where Is the Free App of the Week in iOS 11?

Where Is the Free App of the Week in iOS 11?

The Free App of the Week is as cool as it sounds. Apple features one app every week on the front page of its App Store that comes completely free. Once you download it, you have access to all future updates, just like you would if you purchased the app in full. Sounds great right? There's just one problem — it's missing.

With the release of iOS 11, Apple revamped the App Store. Its goal was to make navigation of the store much easier and more coherent, and, in many cases, they succeeded. However, with that change comes the apparent disappearance of the Free App of the Week. Where did it go, and will we ever see it again?

Here's the sad news — it looks like, as it stands, the Free App of the Week is as dead as the headphone jack. Apple has responded to users addressing the fact that this feature is now gone from iOS 11. The company has not specified why, however, so we can all formulate our own theories about its departure (maybe Apple is just tired of giving away apps for free).

There is a chance, however unlikely, that it will make a return to the App Store in some capacity. After all, Apple does have a track record already of removing features in iOS 11 only to promise their return at a later time.

So, what does that mean for us now? Are there any alternatives to Free App of the Week?

Well, kinda! Apple has a new tab in the App Store called "Today." Here, Apple features an "App of the Day." Don't get too excited — while Apple dedicates an entire article-like write-up to each App of the Day, these apps cost as much as they do at any other time. An app that is normally free is still free of charge here, while an app that costs $4.99 will still cost you an Abraham Lincoln to download.

The store also features a "Game of the Day," but the same rules apply here, unfortunately.

While you might not be getting a deal, per se, the Today view is an organized way to keep up with the app market. In fact, you can go back one whole week, seeing what each day's featured app was, as well as extra apps that relate to that particular app.

Look — I'm here hoping with the rest of us that the Free App of the Week makes a comeback. However, until then, I have a feeling I'm going to find some interesting apps with the App Store's new approach here.

If you think about it, the Free App of the Week didn't really go anywhere, as long as you only count the apps that were free to begin with.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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