News: What the Apple Watch Interface Would Look Like on Your iPhone

What the Apple Watch Interface Would Look Like on Your iPhone

The first thing most of us noticed after Apple announced plans for its wearable—the Apple Watch—was the importance and focus they placed on its interface. Starkly different from their Android Wear counterparts, the Apple Watch's interface has applications scattered around the screen and relies on the device's dial to zoom in and out.

Being so different from the interface we're used to with iOS, naturally people wondered, "How would this look on an iPhone?" Enough so that Lucas Menge implemented the UI on his iPhone.

It may not have dials to zoom, but Menge's pinching gestures get the job done. Personally, I think it looks cool as hell but it doesn't seem practical. With the applications scattered about, it could get annoying tracking down the one app you want to open. The use of the traditional dock would make this interface more useful on an iPhone.

Although I wouldn't be too keen on using this particular interface, it would be a really cool idea for Apple to enable users to have the option of choosing a new home screen, or launcher, like Android does.

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I think that it is a pretty cool idea.

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