News: So Long, Siri! The Superior Google Assistant Is Coming to iOS

So Long, Siri! The Superior Google Assistant Is Coming to iOS

Rumor has it that Google Assistant will be coming to an iPhone near you.

A "trusted source" broke the news of GA's arrival on iOS to Android Police ahead of Google's I/O conference this week.

The iOS version of the Google Assistant app would most likely incorporate a chat feature. Sort of like the Google Allo version of Assistant that comes with a voice-control function. This would certainly come as a welcome addition to the iPhone which is currently reliant on the smart, but sometimes less than reliable, Siri.

According to Android Police's source, the iOS version of Assistant would be confined to the US at the launch. This news follows Google's revelations last month that the Assistant's SDK is available for developers.

It's speculation at this point, but Android Police is adamant that the Google Assistant will be rolled out to iOS users soon. But what about Siri? Apple is still upgrading their smart assistant despite Google having their eye on the iOS prize.

A recent Apple patent revealed that their voice-powered assistant would be able to work in noisy environments via iMessage, for example.

The user would be able to direct Siri by typing messages instead — and receiving replies from the smart assistant — who could then carry out tasks when things are too loud (e.g., a construction site) or supposed to be quiet, like a library.

Irrespective of the possible new benefits being rolled out to Siri users, Google Assistant will be a formidable opponent.

We will keep you updated as more news of Google Assistant's ios arrival breaks.

Will you be staying loyal to Siri or branching out to Google's Assistant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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