PSA: You Might Not Be Able to Login to iCloud, Errors Plaguing Some Users

You Might Not Be Able to Login to iCloud, Errors Plaguing Some Users

iCloud can occasionally be the worst part of being an Apple user. It's useful for backing up your information, however, sometimes the problems that stem from Apple's cloud service are so tremendously frustrating they almost seem intentional. Well, buckle in, because it's possible there may be a widespread login issue.

9to5 Mac reports that an unusual number of users are experiencing errors when logging in to iCloud. When these users attempt to access their accounts, they are greeted by "Verification failed" messages. According to 9to5 Mac, one user received a response from Apple about the issue. When speaking to 9to5 Mac, this is what that user had to say:

Having spoken to Apple support and been escalated to a senior team member, it seems that Engineering are aware of a limited number of users that are also experiencing this.

— Anonymous User/9to5 Mac

9to5 Mac gave two other examples of users experiencing the same issue, which is not the standard message received when attempting to log in without proper information.

Apple lists no issues with iCloud on its System Status page, and has released no public information about the problem as well. 9to5 Mac claims Apple does say that they found and resolved issues with iCloud Mail and Notes, although there is no clarification if those problems were related to this current one.

Are you experiencing this problem when attempting to use iCloud? Contact Apple if so, and let us know — we'll update this article as more information comes through.

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Yep, I was pulling my hair out wondering what's wrong with my phone when it occurred to me that I might not be the only one having an issue. So I googled the search string "iCloud" just to check. I hope Apple fixes the problem soon because I need to download a few apps, and I can't. Exactly the same error message as in the article. Good job!!!

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