News: New Report Says Everyone Is Wrong, iPhone 8 Still Coming in September

New Report Says Everyone Is Wrong, iPhone 8 Still Coming in September

You know, I was actually starting to get comfortable with the idea of the iPhone 8 not showing up until next year. As an Apple fan, I made my peace with it. "There's a lot coming in this model," I told myself. "It does make sense that this many features could cause delays." I was fine. But then ...

A new report today contradicts the slew of rumors we digested over the last weeks. According to an Economic Daily News report (via DigiTimes), Apple will announce the iPhone in September and release it in October. As. They. Always. Do.

The report defied previous speculations that volume production of new iPhone devices would be delayed to the fourth quarter of 2017 instead of the original schedule in August-September due to yield rate issues on production of some parts.

— DigiTimes

Yeah it did.

Is there a lesson here? Rumor after rumor, we were told this iPhone would not see the light of 2017. And yet, here we stand, a report lighting those claims on fire.

Sigh. I honestly don't know what to make of this. Can we believe this rumor? What makes this rumor different from the rest, the ones promising us a 2017 without a new iPhone? Fortune linked to the report cited here in its Data Sheet email this morning. So, wouldn't that lend it some merit? Possibly. But notable tech publications share these rumors constantly! They can't all be right. In fact, most are wrong.

But, this is the way things are with Apple. Rumors aren't going away, and neither are people's interest in them. So, what can we do here? Take this new information with a grain of salt, and be optimistic that we may see the iPhone 8 in September.

... Until tomorrow, when we learn it will be delayed. Again. Ah, how I love rumors.

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