News: Microsoft Releases Snapchat-Like Photo Editor on iOS

Microsoft Releases Snapchat-Like Photo Editor on iOS

Microsoft, even being Apple's fierce competitor, is no stranger to producing iOS apps—in fact, they've made 94 of them. But their latest iOS app may be their silliest yet: a goofy photo editor named Sprinkles.

Released on April 1 (coincidence?), Sprinkles is reminiscent of Snapchat's function as a photo editor. Just like the popular social app, Sprinkles allows you to place stickers, text, and other imagery over your photos.

Image by Microsoft/iTunes

Where the main difference lies is with the underlying technology. Sprinkles uses facial recognition to enhance the photo-taking and editing experience automatically. With the snap of the shutter, the app will analyze your photo, going so far as to guess your age, show you a celebrity doppelgänger, and give you text overlays based on the face made in the photo.

Image by Microsoft/iTunes

Of course, Snapchat also utilizes facial recognition; The app has had major success with its "filters," images that are mapped over the subject's face in real time.

Sprinkles doesn't aim to beat Snapchat at its own game; the app doesn't try to recreate or revolutionize this wildly popular feature. What Sprinkles does is implement Microsoft's established facial-recognition software to create an effortless, light-hearted photo editor. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's fun.

Sprinkles isn't a social media platform, only a photo editor. Once you've finished with your creation, Sprinkles gives you the option to share your photo to an array of popular social sites, as well as through email and messaging.

Sprinkles is free, so there's no harm in downloading the app to see how old a robot thinks you are. Grab it for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the iOS App Store to try for yourself.

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