News: iPhone X Wait May Be Shorter Than You Think

iPhone X Wait May Be Shorter Than You Think

The preorder period for the wildly anticipated iPhone X began on Oct. 27, and ever since, it seemed like the wait was going to be long for those who didn't preorder in the first ten minutes. Some reports have claimed users might not see their iPhone X until December. However, news on Monday may show that fate has changed.

Apple has begun shipping the iPhone X to some lucky users, and users have already reported estimated wait times going down to as soon as Nov. 3. That's the day the iPhones officially release, which should be welcome to users who have decided not to wait in line at an Apple Store. Initially, only those who preordered in the first ten minutes got a Nov. 3 delivery date.

Speculation on the increased wait times for the X stemmed from alleged production issues, although iPhone delays are nothing new to Apple if you look back throughout the smartphone's many releases.

This decrease in wait times comes at the same time as first impressions of Apple's 10th-anniversary iPhone start rolling out. Steven Levy of WIRED gave the iPhone X considerable praise, citing the new OLED display, Face ID, and camera systems as great features, among other tech specs.

If you've already preordered your iPhone X, make sure to check if your wait time has gone down. And make sure to let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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