News: Here's What an iPhone X-Inspired SE 2 Could Look Like

Here's What an iPhone X-Inspired SE 2 Could Look Like

When first released, the iPhone SE was nearly identical to its iPhone 6S counterparts in all but form factor. While the rumored SE 2 (if it even happens) is expected to follow suit with the iPhone 8 models, that hasn't stopped people from wondering what it would look like with an iPhone X-like bezel-less display.

First posted to Weibo, then discovered by 9to5Mac, a video has surfaced of what appears to be an iPhone SE form factor with an iPhone X display. Not only does this "SE 2" come with a notch, it even sports the iPhone X's vertical dual cameras as well as its famous swipe-up-to-go-home gesture.

While the original post calls this an SE 2, it most likely isn't. First of all, the "Special Edition" models are supposed to be the cheap, entry-level options that still packs some decent power. A bezel-less display and iPhone X camera certainly wouldn't keep the cost down here.

Our money's on this either being an iPhone clone that guesses at what the SE 2's design will ultimately be or simply an iPhone X inside the shell of an iPhone SE-looking case. It could very well be the latter given the size of the iPhone in the user's hand, but he does double-tap to wake the device when the iPhone X only takes one tap, so it could just as easily be a clone running an iOS-ish Android skin.

Still, those of us who dream about a bezel-less iPhone SE can watch this video and pray for its legitimacy.

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Cover image by Nick Ackerman/YouTube

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