News: GigSky Supports eSIM on Your iPhone for Easy Cellular Data When Traveling

GigSky Supports eSIM on Your iPhone for Easy Cellular Data When Traveling

With the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, Apple introduced dual-SIM capabilities to iOS, made possible by eSIM technology. If you recently picked up one of these three new iPhones and need to utilize your eSIM while traveling abroad, you might want to take a look at the data plans offered by GigSky.

GigSky is a service that allows you to buy data-only plans for use in different countries. Instead of going through a carrier — or trying to find, pay for, and use a Nano-SIM card when you reach your travel destination (which means removing your current Nano-SIM card) — you can simply buy an eSIM plan through GigSky. The service provides data for over 180 countries, over 35 of which support LTE.

Prices and data plans vary by country and region. For instance, if you just want another data plan to use in the States, or if you're headed to Europe, Asia, or South America, 300 MB for one day will cost $10 and 500 MB for 15 days goes for $15. In the Carribean, it would be 100 MB and 250 MB for the same price, respectively. For parts of Africa, it would be 100 MB and 200 MB.

GigSky is making news not just because of its easy-to-access data plans, but because of its new compatibility with eSIM for iPhone. With the app's latest update, users can take advantage of the iPhone's dual-SIM without removing the carrier Nano-SIM, applying two different cellular data services simultaneously (though, only one can be used at once).

Dealing with temporary international plans through your current carrier can prove quite messy, as well as getting a prepaid SIM from a local carrier at your destination, so GigSky's offering is very enticing. It's also more convenient than trying to buy a Nano-SIM from a vending machine or third-party seller, which can, of course, entail language barriers and payment issues. In addition, if you just want a temporary second data line for use in the US, it's easier than dealing with your carrier or going to a store like Walmart for a prepaid physical SIM card.

Activating an eSIM on your iPhone with GigSky is pretty simple too. There are multiple actions you need to take to ensure dual-SIM functionality works as promised on your iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR, whether you go with GigSky or not, but after you pick a plan in the GigSky app, it will load it right to your iPhone and you just need to walk through the prompts to finish setting it up.

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