News: Get Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad to Call Your Friends

Get Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad to Call Your Friends

If there was anything missing from the notorious YO app, it was Aaron Paul's character from Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman, calling me by his signature catch phrase—you know the one.

With constant and overwhelming requests from the vastly popular show's fans requesting for Aaron to call them a "bitch" via various social media platforms and in real life, the actor recently collaborated with development team at Maximilian & Co. to bring you Yo B*tch, also known as YB on the iOS App Store.

It's simple enough to use; just register a username, password, and your phone number. Then invite some friends and call them a bitch with your choice of different emotional emphases.

Once sent, your buddy will receive the message in Jesse Pinkman's signature voice, which Aaron Paul personally recorded for this app.

You're given four free phrases, so definitely take a look at the various packages you can purchase for $0.99, like the Greetings Pack or the Love Pack for that special someone. And don't worry—if the recipient has not purchased the same pac, they will still be able to hear it.

Just make sure to keep your volume muted so you don't get called a bitch in public, unless you're into that sort of thing. Android users, your YB app will be ready in early 2015.

Calling someone a derogatory term, or reliving the joy that was Breaking Bad, has never been so much fun! Let us know what you think of YB in the comments below.

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Cover image courtesy of AMC

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