CES 2015: Pronto Turns Your iPhone into an All-in-One TV Remote

Pronto Turns Your iPhone into an All-in-One TV Remote

While Android devices made by HTC, Samsung, and others have long utilized IR (infrared) blasters to offer remote control functionality, Apple has still yet to embrace it on iPhones.

However, with a small piece of equipment from Pronto and the free Peel Smart Remote & TV Guide app from Peel Technologies, you can easily turn any iPhone into a remote for your TV and cable system.

Using Bluetooth and infrared technology, along with Peel's proprietary app for iOS, you can pair multiple devices to a single unit to control channels, volume... even your DVR. Check out our preview above and the official product video below for more information.

The device is set to hit the market at the end of January, retailing for $49.99, available through all major retailers.

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Cover image via Pronto

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