News: Apple TV Update Arrives Today with Major Features in Tow

Apple TV Update Arrives Today with Major Features in Tow

Apple will release tvOS 9.2 for the latest Apple TV today, bringing some major features to the streaming device. The software update, announced at today's Apple event, comes with Siri voice dictation, full iCloud photo viewing, and support for Bluetooth keyboards.

Since Apple has already been beta-testing tvOS 9.2 for months, it's ready for a public rollout.

New Siri Features

Of all the upgrades included with this update, the best ones have to do with Siri. You'll now be able to search the App Store using the Siri voice remote, and you can use voice dictation for all other text input, including passwords.

iCloud Photo Library

Any of the photos you've stored in iCloud can now be easily viewed on the Apple TV. Prior to this update, Apple TV users could only view their recent photos, rather then their complete library.

Live Photos are also supported if you happen to be capturing images on an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Other Updates

Bluetooth keyboards can be used to enter text, which is far superior to picking one letter at a time with your remote.

And the Apple Podcasts app has reached the platform, so you can get your fix of This American Life and Serial right from your TV.

Lastly, app organization should be easier thanks to support for organization inside custom folders. Arranging apps on your Apple TV will be more like organizing them on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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