News: Apple Releases iOS 12.3 Beta 5 for iPhone to Developers

Apple Releases iOS 12.3 Beta 5 for iPhone to Developers

Apple just released iOS 12.3 developer beta 5 today, Tuesday, May 7. The release coincides directly with Google I/O, Google's big hardware and software presentation, and comes eight days after the release of 12.3 dev beta 4.

Now that Apple has published the release notes, we know that, from a developer perspective, these updates are identical. That doesn't mean they're actually the same software, however. It's likely that beta 5 includes bug fixes for issues found in beta 4 and earlier, as well as security updates for any vulnerabilities discovered, for items Apple does not disclose in the release notes.

You can check out beta 5's release notes for yourself. Keep in mind, these notes are identical to beta 4's:

General: Resolved Issues

Resolved an issue that prevented iOS 12.3 from being installed
on devices running previous iOS versions.

Accessibility: Resolved Issues

The Accessibility Events switch was removed, because related
aspects of the W3C AOM effort are no longer applicable. (49784417)

Date and Time: New Features

Support for the Reiwa (令和) era of the Japanese calendar, which
begins on May 1, 2019, is now available. The first year of
Japanese-calendar era is represented as  “元年” (“Gannen”)
instead of “1年”, except in the shorter numeric-style formats
which typically also use the narrow era name; for example:
“R1/05/01”. (27323929)

Date and Time: Resolved Issues

Resolved an issue that caused unexpected behavior while changing
the system time ahead to May 1 when using a device with the
system language and calendar set to Japanese. (49371044)

To download and update your iPhone to iOS 12.3 dev beta 5, you'll first need to be a registered developer with a valid configuration profile. If you have iOS 12's "Automatic Updates" enabled, you can let the software update overnight. To install right away, go to Settings –> General –> Software Update –> Download and Install, and then follow the on-screen prompts.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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