News: Apple Releases iOS 12.0.1 to Address Wi-Fi & Charging Issues on iPhones

Apple Releases iOS 12.0.1 to Address Wi-Fi & Charging Issues on iPhones

If your iPhone XS or XS Max has been suffering from Wi-Fi connectivity and charging issues, Apple just released iOS 12.0.1 on Monday, Oct. 8, as an over-the-air update for all compatible iPhones. The main focus of the update is to give fixes for users going through "Chargegate" and experiencing Wi-Fi issues.

iOS 12.0.1 includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad. This update:

  • Fixes an issue where some iPhone XS devices do not immediately charge when connected to a Lightning cable
  • Resolves an issue that could cause iPhone XS devices to rejoin a Wi-Fi network at 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz
  • Restores the original position of the ".?123" key on the iPad keyboard
  • Fixes an issue where subtitles may not appear in some video apps
  • Addresses an issue where Bluetooth could become unavailable
  • For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

To download the update, simply head over to Settings –> General –> Software Update, and follow the instructions presented on screen. If you have iOS 12's new "Automatic Updates" enabled, you can simply let the update do its thing overnight. If you don't want to wait that long for fixes to your connectivity or charging problems, you can always download the update manually.

Apple addressed these issues in an update to the iOS 12.1 beta last week. While downloading and installing the beta would solve these issues, it wasn't a practical solution for many users, since beta software can be unstable and unpredictable. Luckily, that no longer needs to be a solution.

One reason to still download the iOS 12.1 beta, however, is to preview the more than 70 new emoji on their way. While the public will have to wait until the official release of iOS 12.1, beta testers can try out the new emoji for themselves.

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