News: Apple Just Released iOS 12.1.2 for iPhones with Fix for eSIM Activation Issues

Apple Just Released iOS 12.1.2 for iPhones with Fix for eSIM Activation Issues

Without a second beta like most other beta versions, Apple released iOS 12.1.2 to all iPhone users on Monday, Dec. 17. The update comes just one week after the iOS 12.1.2 beta went live, so why did it have such a quick turnaround? The answer likely revolves around eSIM issues on newer iPhone models, as well as legal issues with Qualcomm.

Some users with an iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR have been having issues activating certain eSIM plans from wireless carriers. Since eSIM is such a big deal, given that it's a brand new feature only available since iOS 12.1 on these newer models, it's best to knock out any bugs right away when they happen. Plus, new carriers like Verizon Wireless recently added support, so there are more people experience bugs.

Another reason for the quick push for iOS 12.1.2 is the patent issues Apple is having with Qualcomm, which forced Apple to introduce a new animation when force-closing apps, as well as a change when using the share sheet to set contact and wallpapers from Photos. However, these changes were only implemented in China, so US users won't see any of the Qualcomm-caused updates.

The iOS 12.1.2 update also fixed a cellular issue that users in Turkey were experiencing, again, not a big deal for those of us in the States. However, one thing absent from this release is security patches. According to Apple, there were no CVEs that needed their attention at this time.

  • Fixes bugs with eSIM activation for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
  • Addresses an issue that could affect cellular connectivity in Turkey for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
— Apple

To install iOS 12.1.2, open your Settings, tap "General," then select "Software Update." Follow the instructions on-screen to download and install the software. If you have "Automatic Updates" enabled, the software will update itself overnight.

Beta testers knew this update was not going to be a major one. Apple only included two points in the release notes for the iOS 12.1.2 developer beta, one known issue, and one resolved issue, as seen below. It's not yet known if the Accessibility issue was fixed in iOS 12.1.2 stable.

Accessibility Known Issues

Some user interface elements are inaccessible to VoiceOver in the "Electrocardiogram (ECG)" and "Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification" sections in Health > Health Data > Heart. (46505168)

Core Audio Resolved Issues

Audio performance when using some third-party apps is improved on iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) and iPad Pro 11-inch models. (46037111)

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Cover image and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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