News: Apple Developers Running Beta Builds of iOS 7.1 Still Vulnerable to SSL Security Flaw

Apple Developers Running Beta Builds of iOS 7.1 Still Vulnerable to SSL Security Flaw

Apple released iOS 7.0.6 last week, an update to fix a serious security flaw that allowed hackers to not only capture sensitive user information such as bank statements and passwords, but also modify that same data on secure HTTPS sessions.

Unfortunately, for Apple developers running any of the beta builds of iOS 7.1, the security flaw is still here. So how can you protect yourself?

  • Connect only to Wi-Fi networks that you trust and stay away from public WiFi hotspots. This is really your only hope, and it's not a slam dunk.
  • On the Mac, using a third party web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) would protect you as other browsers don't use Apple's SSL/TLS library, but due to Apple's restrictive browser policy, that is NOT the case on mobile.

Other than that, the only other thing you can do is wait until Apple releases an update to iOS 7.1. As you can see below, I'm still vulnerable (running iOS 7.1 beta 5), so I'll have to wait for the update as well.

Hopefully we get this update soon.

I'm not very fond of getting hacked.

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I'm running iOS 7.1 Beta 5 as well. I have about a dozen apps to update but it won't let me update them unless I type my password. When I type my password it says there was a payment problem with my last iTunes purchase and they need my credit card number. I really hope we get another beta release before the weekend. Otherwise I'm thinking of just restoring to 7.0.6 until there is a new beta release. Only problem is any iCloud backup made in 7.1 isn't valid for 7.0.6 so I will have to manually download any apps I want. All of my data will be gone.

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