News: Alexa Voice Control Coming to iPhones Soon

Alexa Voice Control Coming to iPhones Soon

If you're anything like most iPhone users, then you've probably grown tired of Siri's antics by now. She frequently has trouble with even the most basic of questions, and severely lags behind Google Assistant with regards to usability. Unfortunately, Google Assistant for iPhones has been less than ideal.

Now, Amazon is throwing its hat into the ring, as its Alexa app for iPhones will be adding "support for Alexa voice interaction," according to Engadget. Amazon's Echo devices have been taking the world by storm, making smart speakers some of the most sought-after tech in recent years. The Android update with Alexa voice controls is rolling out to users starting today, with an iOS update following soon after.

Image by HeikoAL/Pixabay

If the Android app is any indication, voice controls will be pretty intuitive when they come to the Alexa app for iPhones. Just press the Alexa icon in the app's main menu, then fire away with any questions you may have. Alternatively, you should also be able to use the "Alexa" hotword to trigger the assistant while you're using the Alexa app — just like you would with an Echo device.

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