How To: Use Burst Mode in iOS 7 to Take Super Fast Photos on Your iPhone

Use Burst Mode in iOS 7 to Take Super Fast Photos on Your iPhone

With the camera usually being pretty simply in the past iOS versions, iOS 7 has seen a few major changes—built-in filters, Instagram-ready square photographs, zoom-in during video recording, and more.

One less obvious feature that the new iOS has is the ability to activate burst mode. All you have to do is enter camera mode and hold down the grey shutter button, taking a picture every half a second or so for as long as you keep holding it down.

This is a great feature while taking action shots, as they're always hard to shoot with a single photograph. So, a burst of photos allows for users to make several choices.

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If you're taking a picture, but don't want to use the screen, you can also hold down on any of the two volume keys, also allowing you to activate burst mode.

I drop my phone quite often if you can't tell :/

Burst mode was originally touted as a new feature for the 5C and 5S only, but it will now be available on the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 as well.

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How do you turn off the camera grid?

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