How To: Use the Apple Watch as a Remote Shutter for Your iPhone's Camera

Use the Apple Watch as a Remote Shutter for Your iPhone's Camera

There's a built-in timer feature on the iPhone's Camera app that helps you set up your device, step back, and take a photo before time runs out. This feature is useful when there isn't another person around to take a photo of you, or when you don't want to be missing from a memorable group picture. Unfortunately, timers don't always work well. With a timer, no one can sit behind your iPhone to see if the picture is perfectly focused and framed, but that's where your Apple Watch comes in.

How to Take Pictures with Your Apple Watch

You can open the Camera on your iPhone remotely and snap a picture by tapping on the Watch's interface. Just tap on the Camera icon from your Home screen to open a small viewfinder; this is where you can remotely view what your iPhone is capturing.

Hit the shutter button to remotely take a picture. Better yet, you can set a short timer on the Apple Watch that'll leave you enough time to put your hand down. (You don't want to be staring at your Apple Watch in your selfie or group photo... or do you?)

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