How To: Turn On & Trigger Reachability on Your iPhone X

Turn On & Trigger Reachability on Your iPhone X

Reachability made its debut with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, to compensate for the larger screen sizes. It has since become a staple feature of all iPhones, barring the iPhone SE. It appeared as if the iPhone X wasn't going to include Reachability, even though its form factor slightly exceeds the 4.7-inch iPhone models. However, it is indeed back, albeit tricky to use.

Don't let the first impressions intimidate you — Reachability on the iPhone X, like anything new, just requires some practice to get right. Just follow the guide below, and you'll be reaching the top of your iPhone X in no time.

Step 1: Update to iOS 11.1

By the time you open your brand new iPhone X, it will, unfortunately, be out of date. Software-wise, that is. The first batch of iPhone X's are shipping with an outdated and unpatched version of iOS 11 (i.e., iOS 11.0.1), so make sure to upgrade to iOS 11.1. Reachability will not work until you do.

Reachability is nowhere to be seen on iOS 11.0.1. Image by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

You'll also be saving yourself from a major security vulnerability, so updating is definitely in your best interest.

Step 2: Enable Reachability

Unlike every other iPhone, it seems the iPhone X does not have Reachability turned on by default — even after updating to iOS 11.1. To enable the feature, you'll need to dive into your Settings app. Tap "General," then tap "Accessibility." You'll find "Reachability" under the Interaction section. Just make sure the slider is set to green, and you'll be all set.

Step 3: Trigger Reachability

If you're used double-tapping the home button to activate Reachability, you might find Reachability on the iPhone X a little tricky, since, you know ... there is no Home button.

You see the gray bar at the bottom of the display? That's there for more gestures than just going home. If you swipe down from the bar, you'll activate Reachability. It makes sense on the surface — like you're pulling down the display. However, as early reviewers have noted, it's a difficult gesture to get right, and even easier to accidentally activate than with a home button.

Image by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks
Cover image by Bryan Crow/Gadget Hacks

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