Tunedeck: The Best Way to Listen to Spotify Music in Your Car

The Best Way to Listen to Spotify Music in Your Car

While the Spotify interface isn't overly complicated or confusing, it's not exactly safe to use when behind the wheel. Thankfully, a new app from Navideck is here to make driving with a Spotify premium membership easier and safer for your daily commutes.

With the app, premium Spotify subscribers can seamlessly find good music and perform "smart touch gestures" to skip tracks, pause music, raise the volume, and perform other basic functions.

How to Get Tunedeck, Your Spotify Driving Assistant

Navideck's Tunedeck is now out of a beta testing, so anyone can download and install it from the iOS App Store.

Device Requirements

As mentioned, Tunedeck will only work with a premium Spotify subscription. Also, the app is only available for the iPhone 4S and above, or the iPod touch 5G, running iOS 8 or later. Tunedeck will consider an Android version if demand is high enough, so head to their Twitter page and start demanding it.

Finding Good Music

When searching for something to listen to, your results will provide you with three large cards: genre, artist, and track. You can swipe through the cards until you find something you like, then begin playing similar music based on that selection.

It's important to reiterate: this app was made for driving, so once you select a song, the app enters a shuffle mode of similar-sounding music. You can't disable this as of now and stay within the realm of an artist, but the developer is considering it after the high amount of requests for the feature.

Smart Touch Gestures

When you settle on the music you want to listen to, performing actions is done easily without requiring you to look down at your display.

  • Change tracks: swipe right with two fingers
  • Pause/Play: single-tap with two fingers
  • Adjust volume: drag two fingers up or down along the display

How do you like the Tunedeck experience? Share your thoughts below!

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