How To: The Trick to Taking Perfect Selfies with Your iPhone

The Trick to Taking Perfect Selfies with Your iPhone

Unless you have a newer iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, the front-facing "FaceTime" camera on your iPhone has a pretty weak, low-res sensor, which means unflattering selfies. You could use the rear "iSight" camera to take a high-res selfie, but framing your mug properly and hitting the shutter is difficult, takes many failed attempts, and usually results in a lackluster photo.

However, there is an easy way to take "perfect" high-resolution selfies with the rear iSight camera on your iPhone without struggling or asking a passerby for assistance, and it's as simple as installing an app and turning the volume up.

Start by installing a free application from Vito Technology called SelfieX. It's compatible with any iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 8 and higher. It will ask for permission to access your photos and camera when you first open it, so make sure to grant it access when prompted.

With the SelfieX app open, make sure sound is enabled on your device, face the rear iSight camera towards you, then wait for the app's virtual assistant to instruct you with words like "left," "right," "up," "down," and "say cheese." Once the shot is set, the app will automatically snap the picture for you, and will vibrate after it's saved to your Camera Roll.

If you're pretty good at getting a good selfie angle using the rear camera without any automated assistance, you can always turn the volume down. When you feel it vibrate, you know that a picture was taken and saved to your Photos app.

You can also edit your selfies directly in the app. Select a photo from the gallery option in the bottom left, then you can choose to resize it using the crop button or adjust brightness, contrast, and/or saturation by sliding your finger up and down on the screen. You can also share your picture directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

So the next time you want to take a selfie in front of some historical landmark or with friends, you won't need to sacrifice quality using the front-facing camera.

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