How To: Top 5 Free Wallpaper Apps for Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

Top 5 Free Wallpaper Apps for Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

We recently covered our favorite free wallpaper apps for Android, and one thing was abundantly clear: you guys love wallpapers. And hey, we do too, so it's time to show some love to all of us on the iOS side of the tech spectrum.

Since the App Store is riddled with some pretty underwhelming wallpaper apps that include very little variation, we did the work to bring you five of our favorite wallpaper apps for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

1. Blurred Wallpapers

Using a blurred wallpaper is a surefire way to draw attention to your app icons, accentuating them so they really stand out. Using the free app Blurred Wallpapers, you can select a color or import your own image to add blur effects or a pattern over them.

2. Everpix - Wallpapers for iOS 8

If you'd rather not do any work, then take a look at Everpix. All you have to do is swipe through the various high-quality images, save the one you like, then apply it as your wallpaper. The app also allows you to search through multiple categories, like abstract, minimal, nature, etc.

3. Crystals Wallpaper

Crystals Wallpaper is another DIY-type of wallpaper app that'll allow you to generate unique polygon-shaped designs by just tapping the screen. The design you produce will depend on the colors and parameters you select, in addition to how and where you tap on the screen. More info here.

4. InterfaceLIFT Wallpapers

For dynamic, professionally-taken photos, use InterfaceLIFT Wallpapers. The app curates hundreds of photos from the "acclaimed photography community" that are already scaled for your device and ready to use. Granted, most of them are nature shots, but they're all pretty majestic in my opinion.

5. Doodle Dandy

Doodle Dandy utilizes some creative drawing tools to help produce some pretty psychedelic designs, depending on how good of an imagination you have. Just tap once and your mark will duplicate in a circular pattern as many times as you specify using the numbers provided in the editing tools. Use the different colors and sizes to come up with some unique concepts for your next wallpaper.

There are plenty of wallpaper apps that you'll stumble upon in the iOS App Store, but these are just some that we found to be unique or offer us something a little different from the typical wallpaper app. Let us know of one we missed or a personal favorite of yours in the comment section below.

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