How To: Test Drive 'Death Road to Canada' for Free on Your iPhone Before Purchasing

Test Drive 'Death Road to Canada' for Free on Your iPhone Before Purchasing

The popular RPG Death Road to Canada has finally arrived for the iPhone and iPad, and its impact is immediate. It's fast becoming a top contender for mobile video game of 2017, and it's very easy to see why. The game blends decision making and good old zombie bashing to create a refreshingly unique experience. Add to that the motley cast of survivors that you can recruit, plus the secrets waiting to be discovered, and this game is sure to suck up countless hours of your time.

Death Road to Canada features a rich story line combined with a quirky soundtrack reminiscent of 8-bit video games, making its replay value immense. This game is one of those few gems you'll play over and over again even if it means starting from scratch when you die. And death will come often, but you'll quickly realize its the journey itself that makes the game so enthralling, and not necessarily beating it.

If you're interested in playing Death Road to Canada, but are put off by its $7.99 price tag on the iOS App Store, there's a way you can try it out free of charge and see if the game is worth committing to monetarily.

Sideload Death Road to Canada Using Cydia Impactor

To use this method, Death Road to Canada will have to be sideloaded onto your iPad, Phone, or iPod touch using Cydia Impactor. So to start, click on the link below to download the IPA installer file on your Mac or Windows PC.

From there, you'll need to install Cydia Impactor on your Mac or PC, connect your iPhone to your computer, then drag the IPA file into the Impactor window and enter your Apple ID when prompted. When you're done there, head to General -> Profiles & Device Management from the Settings app on your iOS device, then select your Apple ID to trust it as a developer, and you'll be all set to go. If you'd like more help with this part, we've covered the process in detail at the following link.

As with any sideloaded iOS app, you'll have to re-enable this version of Death Road to Canada after 7 days, unless you have an Apple Developer account. That process is outlined at the above guide if you want to go that route, but rest assured, you'll be able to keep your save states indefinitely if you don't delete the app first before re-sideloading.

But really, this method is best if you just want to test out Death Road to Canada for a week before you buy it. If you enjoy the game, we strongly recommend purchasing the full version for $7.99 from the iOS App Store, which will give you timely updates and better overall stability, and won't suffer from the 7-day time limit. Let us know what you think of the game, and share your opinions by dropping us a line in the comment section down below.

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