How To: Stop Your iPhone's Battery from Rapidly Draining in iOS 6

Stop Your iPhone's Battery from Rapidly Draining in iOS 6

With iOS 6 coming out yesterday, there were bound to be plenty of glitches. iPhone users filled Apple's forums with complaints, with battery drainage issues leading the way. Many users complained of rapidly increasing battery drainage after updating to iOS 6, specifically with the iPhone 4S.

Battery Issues

Here are just some of the Apple forum members' complaints:

  • Greg Bastug1: "battery drained from 96% to 83% in less than an hour with one two minute phone call and screen off most of the time."
  • Gerald Nelson: "When the update was finished, my phone's charge was at 100%. After 127 minutes, I'm down to 76%. Sad face."
  • anevilweasel: "I seem to be losing a percentage every three minutes or so."
  • Frankleo69: "in my case I think my wifi is causing it as it is connecting and disconnecting intermittently"
  • iBartley: "After upgrading to iOS 6, my iPhone 4 battery is lasting about HALF the time it did when I was on 5.1.1. I can watch my battery drain!"


If you happen to have some of these battery drain problems, try out the following solutions:

  • Disable Siri. The MAIN PROBLEM seems to be that Siri's sensor is on all the time. Disabling Siri seemed to work for many users. Apple might want to fix this with the next update. You can check if your sensor is on by putting your iPhone up to a webcam, as seen in the video below.
  • Do a reset. That's when you hold down the home/power button together until you see the apple logo. Release, then wait for the phone to boot back up.
  • Turn off Cellular Data (3g + edge). Wait until the battery goes back to normal (or at least 24 hours), then turn it back on again.
  • Turn off more stuff. Turn off things like Bluetooth, notifications of stock widgets, iTunes Match and Shared Photo Streams (which people don't really use all the time, if at all).
  • Turn off iAds. In Restrictions, go to Location Services > System Services (at very bottom) and Turn off Location-Based iAds.
  • Turn Brightness down. For some users, the brightness automatically goes up after the update.

The same battery-drain problem occurred to users after updating to iOS 5. Apple eventually fixed the problem with an update, so if your battery drain problem still persists, you'll just have to wait.

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Well for me i updated my iphone 5 with ios 6.1.4 which became a huge mistake. Its not true that if u updated your iphone using this software it will not drain your battery but actually it does and ever since i updated my iphone 5 the brightness changes on its own and turns reddish and it also hangs and overheat! So i really need help on how to at least downgrade it. It pisses me off that i just want to slam it on the wall! Please help me!

I updated a while ago now but for the last three days my phone battery life has decreased significantly, I've disabled email push, turned off location services, turned the brightness down, just gotta wait and see now ??

That's why iOS 7 is coming... it comes with solve of all those issues, I already trying beta on my iPhone 4, working great...!

My iphone 4s looses its 1% of battery in just 1 minute after updating to ios 7 my problems are solved

my iPhone 4s i hate it its loose battery fast what to do about it need help and dose what to charge my phone

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