How To: Speed Up the Sluggish App Store in iOS 6

Speed Up the Sluggish App Store in iOS 6

As if iOS 6 wasn't under enough scrutiny, a new issue has surfaced regarding the App Store for iOS 6 on the iPhone and iPad. According to users, the application store is very sluggish and doesn't load properly. Below is a video of just how slow the application store is.

Genius for Apps

Apple is known for sneaking in automatically enabled features after updates, and it seems that this is the culprit for the slow application store. Genius for Apps is a new iOS 6 feature which personalizes recommendations on applications that users may be interested in based on the applications already installed. A feature like this can slow down your phone when using 3G or very slow Wi-Fi.

How to Disable the App Genius

To turn off Genius for Apps on your device:

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services (scroll all the way down to find it).
  • From the System Services screen, turn off Genius for Apps.

Restart your device, just so the phone can run cleanly without the Genius for Apps running.

Note: A few people have mentioned that Genius for Apps does not show up on their device. There is no word as to why it doesn't show up, but we'll keep you updated.

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Great! Now to find a way to see more than one search result at a time in the app store search results... Unfortunately the new App Store rules for blocking Apps that are "too similar to the App Store" are going to make that rather unlikely... Except maybe through a web app?

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