How To: Snap Better Selfies Using Hand Gestures on Your iPhone

Snap Better Selfies Using Hand Gestures on Your iPhone

The term "selfie" is taking the world by storm. Having been around since 2002, the slang word for "self-portrait" went into hyperdrive thanks to the addition of front-facing cameras on mobile devices. It's even popular enough to have been included in the Oxford Dictionary, and to have broken Twitter (thanks to the Oscars selfie taken by Ellen DeGeneres).

Love 'em or hate 'em, it's safe to say that selfies are here for the long haul. As technology continues to advance, so does the selfie, limited only by the capabilities of our smartphones, apps, and our own ingenuity.

When you don't want the outstretched arm look or a picture of you holding a phone in a mirror, a camera app with a self-timer is usually the best way to go. Even better is an app called CamMe for iPhone, which enables you to prop up your device, step back, and use a simple hand gesture to initiate the snapshot.

Go ahead and grab CamMe for free from the iOS App Store to get started.

Using Hand Gestures to Take Selfies from a Distance

The first thing you have to do after opening the app is find a place to safely prop up your phone. Next, step back and get into position, then use simple hand gestures to notify CamMe to take the picture.

Start by holding your open hand up, then make a fist. Now you'll see a timer count down from three and your selfie will be taken.

Other Fun Selfie Options in CamMe

Other options include the ability to apply scene cutouts and a quick three-shot burst mode, but the best feature is simply the ability to take a picture without touching the device.

And yes, it also works in landscape mode.

Enjoy taking those sexy selfies, and also use this app for way better group pictures that don't inhibit anyone from being captured.

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It's not available in the US store right now.

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