How To: Set Persistent Notifications for Apps in iOS 11 on Your iPhone

Set Persistent Notifications for Apps in iOS 11 on Your iPhone

There's plenty of cool new stuff in iOS 11, but the bigger features get most of the press. Sometimes, though, the minor tweaks Apple has added can have the most impact on real-world usability.

Take notifications, for example. Little by little, Apple's made it a lot easier to deal with incoming messages over the years, and a new option in iOS 11 is taking things a step further yet again. When apps post banner-style notifications, they usually just fade away in a few seconds — but with the new "Persistent" notification setting, you can give yourself all the time you need to act on a new message.

Enabling Persistent Banner Notifications

The best way to try out this new feature is to head to the Notifications menu in your iPhone's Settings app. From here, you'll see a list of all apps that are capable of posting notifications — just tap one to explore further.

From here, you'll need to make sure the "Show as Banners" option is enabled if you want to use persistent notifications. The vast majority of apps will have this option, though it's up to the developer to implement, so a few do not.

Once you've enabled banner notifications for an app, you'll see two images. Tap the one labeled "Persistent" to make this app's banner notifications stay on the screen until you act on them, then repeat this same process for any other app you'd like to use with persistent notifications.

Using Persistent Banner Notifications

Now, you'll just have to wait for an incoming message to try out the new persistent notifications. They behave the same way banner notifications behaved in iOS 10, but with one exception: They don't disappear automatically, so you can take your time to act on them without worrying about the banner fading away.

If you press your home button, trigger Siri, lock your screen, or otherwise leave the app you were using when the message came in, the banner will still disappear. Aside from that, the only thing that will make the banner go away is if you act on the notification by swiping up to dismiss, swiping down to reply, or tapping to open the message.

Which apps did you enable persistent notifications for? Has it made it easier to respond to new messages? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Cover image and screenshots by Dallas Thomas/Gadget Hacks

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