How To: Replace Your iPhone X's Battery Just Like Apple Would

Replace Your iPhone X's Battery Just Like Apple Would

Each year, Apple seems to design its devices to be more difficult for owners to repair themselves. So when an iPhone breaks, a trip to the Genius Bar or an Apple Authorized Service Provider is most likely necessary. But if you have an iPhone X that needs a new battery, a leaked video just spilled the beans on how to replace the battery precisely as Apple would.

The video appears to be an internal Apple repair guide for the iPhone X on how to remove and replace an aged or faulty battery. The video was uploaded to YouTube by Arman Haji on June 18, 2018, but it isn't clear how he obtained the guide in the first place. While leaks aren't uncommon with Apple these days, internal repair manuals like this one are rarely shown to the public.

While this video may not last long on YouTube if and when Apple issues a DMCA takedown, it has undoubtedly been downloaded and re-uploaded to other locations online. And if you want to keep it stored away for the off-chance that you'll need to fix your battery when you don't have any AppleCare coverage, it's a good idea to save this video yourself too.

Removing & Replacing an iPhone X Battery

The quick four-and-a-half-minute video walks Apple repair technicians through the proper way to remove and replace an iPhone X's battery. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide instructions on removing the display, which is a necessary first step here, nor does it seem to contain all the steps needed for a full repair.

However, sites like iFixit offer guides that can fill in the gaps left by Apple's official video. Make sure to have one of these external guides on hand as your work through Apple's instructions, if you want to try this for yourself.

Step 1: Remove the Taptic Engine & Speaker Assembly (Not in Video)

One giant step Apple omits from its video is removing the Taptic Engine and speaker assembly. Failure to do so will make it extremely difficult to remove the adhesive in the following steps. You'll want to consult your third-party guide here, as many screws need to be removed before you can take off these parts.

Step 2: Remove the Adhesive

With the display removed and battery exposed, pull up the exposed adhesive tabs on the bottom of the battery with tweezers. Next, pull and roll the adhesive tabs around the tweezer until the white adhesive is shown. Then, pull the adhesive away from the battery, until the adhesive is freed. Repeat this process for the other two tabs, as well as the adhesive at the top of the battery.

Step 3: Lift the Battery & Clean the Surface

Remove the battery connector from the logic board, then gently lift the bottom of the battery with a black stick. Apple warns if the battery does not move, stop the repair and replace the unit, so you might want to consider buying a new iPhone if this occurs.

Clean the inside of the phone with Isopropyl Alcohol wipes. Do not touch the pad in the middle of the device.

Step 4: Add the New Battery

Before adding the new battery to the iPhone, check for loose screws. Failure to do so could lead to puncturing of the battery. If your new iPhone X battery contains a colored covering, remove that now. Place the battery in your unit, then connect it to the logic board.

While Apple's video uses a roller to apply the new battery, you don't need to do the same. You can simply use a flat surface to press down gently on the battery to secure it into the iPhone X. Then, while pressing down on the battery, remove the adhesive tabs from underneath. Finally, remove the battery cover.

That's as far as Apple's video gets as far as the battery is concerned, but there appears to be more work to be done. Since the additional materials Apple references don't seem readily available online, make sure to follow up with a third-party guide, such as iFixit's, as previously stated.

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Cover image by Arman Haji/YouTube

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