How To: Remove an iPhone or iPod Touch password

Remove an iPhone or iPod Touch password

Have you forgotten your iPhone or iPod touch password, and find yourself locked out? Way to go! In this video tutorial, learn how to get around the iPhone passcode, and start enjoying your device again. This will let you unlock someones password on an ipod or iphone touch.

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This completely erases all your info from the iPod/iPhone. Not very useful if you have important info on there.

if we did this will it erase our games ad apps?

great job..i got my friend mad=p

does this work 4 a carrier other than at&t dont want my phone to get locked again

how to get into the pod without deleting your pictures songs and notes???

i forgot my password and i want to reset my iphone 5

Does this works with newer generations?

Is there another way? i have a broken Lock button

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