How To: Remove the Bottom App Drawer in iOS 11's Messages App for iPhone

Remove the Bottom App Drawer in iOS 11's Messages App for iPhone

The iOS 11 update brings a bunch of new changes for iPhone users. Many of those changes are awesome, like the customizable Control Center or two additional iMessage effects. One of the changes, however, is the new App Drawer in Messages, which can annoy anyone who doesn't really use any iMessage apps.

First announced at WWDC in June, the App Drawer is a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your Messages app. Its aim is to offer easy access to Messages apps like stickers, GIFs, games, and more. Eventually, it will even house the new Apple Pay Cash feature, to send money quickly to friends and family (and get some back in return). But the problem is, to put it kindly, it's an eyesore if you don't use it.

If you're finding the App Drawer more irritating than useful, there is a quick trick that will make it disappear.

When you open a message thread on your iPhone in iOS 11, the App Drawer will appear at the bottom. Simply tap the App Store icon to the left of the Text Message or iMessage box to push it away.

This should get rid of the App Drawer at the bottom for quite some time. There's no guarantee it's gone for good, but in our tests, it disappears from all message threads — even after force-closing the app and restarting the iPhone. So it should stop annoying you for a decent amount of time.

Cover photo and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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"To hide" and "to remove" are not the same.

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