How To: Play Talking Tom Hero Dash on Your iPhone Right Now

Play Talking Tom Hero Dash on Your iPhone Right Now

Talking Tom has long been mesmerizing children of all ages with his ability to repeat words and phrases and encourage touch interactions. Now, the lovable cat and his band of cuddly friends have ventured into the endless runner genre as heroes bent on saving Angela and their city from a band of mischievous raccoons.

While nowhere near as noisy as the original Talking Tom, Talking Tom Hero Dash is just as entertaining. The new iteration will have you running through city streets collecting coins and avoiding obstacles, all while tackling raccoons. Unfortunately, the game is currently limited to select countries, but there's a simple hack that will let you get your hands on the game before anyone else stateside.

As a soft-launched game, you can't officially play Talking Tom Hero Dash unless you live in either the Australia, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, or Ukraine. However, you can easily bypass Apple's region restrictions and install the game, which we'll cover below.

Download & Install Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom Hero Dash will work on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or higher. As the game is technically only available in the countries highlighted above, you'll need to create an Apple ID that's based in one of those countries before you can download it in the US. For this, we decided to go with Canada, since it's one of the countries developers frequently use to soft-launch their games.

The process for creating an App Store login for another country is pretty straightforward — simply sign up for a new Apple ID using a valid email account and a realistic Canada-based home address, then log into the spoofed account on your iOS device. For a thorough write-up about this topic, be sure to read our tutorial at the link below.

After setting up you your Canadian App Store account, you're now clear to install the game in the same way you would install any other game or app. So open the App Store and either perform a search for "Talking Tom Hero Dash," or just tap on the link below from your iOS device.

You should know that Talking Tom Hero Dash is technically not a finished product, which means you may encounter some bugs as you play. That said, we tested the game on an iPhone X and iPad Mini 4 on iOS 12, and found that it ran smoothly with no noticeable issues. Is the game running as it should on your end? Share your experience by commenting below.

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Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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