How To: Password Protect Apps with Locktopus on Your Jailbroken iPhone

Password Protect Apps with Locktopus on Your Jailbroken iPhone

Want to show a friend something on your iPhone but don't want them messing up your Angry Birds game or peeking at your private emails? Enter Locktopus, the perfect solution to locking your iOS apps from prying eyes. The only catch—you need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Locktopus is a simple application, available from the BigBoss repository through Cydia, that allows you to password-protect individual apps directly from the SpringBoard. And it doesn't just work for iPhone—it's also for iPad and iPod touch. It does cost $2, but it's a small price to pay for something that should have been included in Apple's mobile operating system in the first place. The hardest part is jailbreaking your device.

See how easy it is to use!

To see how to install Locktopus on your jailbroken iDevice, check out the video below. But don't fret at the presenter's awkward dialogue—it's a really good how-to.

What do you think of Locktopus?

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some of ma friends want to play on my ipod but i dont want them to look at all my stuff i will get this

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