No More Crappy Vertical Videos: This App Auto-Levels Your iPhone Vids Horizontally

This App Auto-Levels Your iPhone Vids Horizontally

It's pretty much agreed upon that all videos taken on your cell phone should be shot horizontally, i.e. landscape mode. The viewing size is already small, so making it skinnier only exacerbates the problem. Viewing vertical videos is terrible, and when you transfer those videos to your computer, it's even worse.

So, the folks over at Evil Window Dog, a small iOS studio, created Horizon to help obliterate vertical video syndrome.

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Horizon automatically captures images and videos horizontally no matter how you hold your phone. That means all those horizontally challenged movie makers and photographers won't even have the option for a vertical shot. The aspect ratio is forced into 16:9.

Horizon is compatible with all iOS devices running 7.0 or later.

Some early feedback suggests that the resolution isn't as good as the default camera app on the new Apple devices, like the iPhone 5S. Nevertheless, for 99 cents, the app is worth a try. That's an introductory price and only available for a limited time, so make sure to download Horizon before the price increases.

Right now the studio is focusing on improving the iOS version, but an Android version is being considered. For more up-to-date information, you can follow Evil Window Dog on Twitter @evilwindowdog.

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