How To: Message Other Drivers on the Road Using Just Their License Plate

Message Other Drivers on the Road Using Just Their License Plate

Ever wanted to communicate with another driver on the road, but just didn't know how? Sure, you could flag them down by waving or honking at them, but that assumes that they're in close proximity, that you have a unobscured path, and that they're paying attention. And if you're in a fit of road rage, flagging them down probably isn't the best idea for either of you.

But many times you'll want to warn another driver that one of their taillights is out, that they forget to turn on their headlights, or that their trunk is open. Well, Pl8chat, from developer Michael Lee (a resident of traffic-crazy West Hollywood), is trying to make driver-to-driver communication like this a simple task. The iOS app allows users to easily communicate with other drivers simply by using license plate numbers.

Step 1: Sign Up for a PL8CHAT Account

Using your contact information, location, and license plate number, sign up for a Pl8chat account. The application will then ask if the license plate number is registered under your name; agree and you're in.

Step 2: Message Another Driver by Plate

To message someone, simply type in their plate number and state; as long as they're also registered to Pl8chat, they'll receive your message. In addition to messaging others, you'll be able to tip them through PayPal, in case their warning to you saves you the cost of a ticket.

Obviously, since the app is relatively new, there won't be many drivers registered, but as the app gains popularity, we should have an easy way to communicate with each other.

Notes on Safety & Future Development

It should go without saying that any messaging you do with the app should not be done while you're actually driving (but you already know that).

Also, you shouldn't use this to harass someone who forgot to put on their turn signal or anything small like that, but if you just have to, they can block you for good pretty easily (see the "Block" option in the screenshot above?).

In an interview with LA Weekly, Lee said that the iOS 8 app is still in beta, and that an Android app is currently in the works.

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