How To: Hide Your Home Screen Apps in iOS 8 for Less Wallpaper Clutter

Hide Your Home Screen Apps in iOS 8 for Less Wallpaper Clutter

In addition to all of the cool features in iOS 8 (which you can get right now), Apple also add some beautiful new wallpapers. With detailed landscapes and colorful flowers, you might not ever want a custom wallpaper on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Regardless of what wallpaper you have, the apps on the home screen will obscure its full glory. Or, will they?

Previously, in iOS 7 and under, if you tried dragging and dropping all of your app icons over to the second home screen page, once you moved the last remaining app over, your first "blank" page would disappear and the second page would take its place.

Now, on iOS 8, moving all your apps from the main page will result in a blank home screen. How awesome is that? So, if you have a really cool wallpaper, it'll no longer be obstructed.

(1) Home page remains clean and clear, (2) Apps placed on second page

This will only apply to the primary page, but at least now you can enjoy a clean screen where you can admire the unobscured view of your wallpaper. And if for some reason you don't like all of your apps on the second home screen page, you can always create folders of all of your most used apps and place them in your dock instead.

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or you could buy an android which has been able to do that for 4 years...

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