How To: Give Group Messages Custom Names in iOS 8

Give Group Messages Custom Names in iOS 8

Waking up to hundreds of text messages in the morning usually points to one thing—group messages. Whether it's your fantasy football league, your work buddies, or just a bunch of bored friends, group messages can leave your iPhone vibrating off the hook.

If the group message is one you have no interest in at all, the answer in iOS 8 is simple—leave the group. But if you don't like leaving groups, and you tend to be included in many different group messages, you can at least get organized.

In the new Messages app, it's hard to keep track of group messages because they show up as many contact names or phone numbers when viewing them. Luckily, you can now name a group message thread in iOS 8 so that you always know which one is which.

In the Messages app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 8, select a group message thread, tap on Details in the top right, and swipe down from the middle of the screen in order to access the hidden group name setting.

(1) Hit the "Details" option. (2) Pull down from the middle of the screen to access the group name.

Since the group chat I selected revolves around fantasy football, I named the thread "Fantasy Football League." Once the name is selected, go back and you should see the new name of the group chat in the Messages app, instead of the names of all the contacts like before (on the homepage) and instead of "Group" (in the actual thread).

(1) My new group message name. (2) Time-stamped noticed for everyone.

Anytime you (or someone else) changes the name of the group message, you'll receive a time-stamped notice within the thread that shows what the conversation name has been changed to and at what time.

Unfortunately, anyone in the thread can change the name of the group message (unless they're not using iOS 8), so whatever name it was changed to last will appear across all devices of those who are in the chat. This may become a problem since everyone might try and change the name. I know my friends would.

At least we can leave the group message whenever we want now. Alternatively, you can turn on "Do Not Disturb" in Messages so your iPhone won't be vibrating all day long, that way you can still see the messages, just not be annoyed by all of the notifications.

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Does my location have to be on in order to do this?because it won't let me do the name thing

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