How To: Get Song Lyrics for Apple Music on Your iPhone

Get Song Lyrics for Apple Music on Your iPhone

My all-time top songs are the ones that speak to me on a deeper level, and it's through the lyrics that artists are able to make that connection. It's a feeling unlike any other when it seems that an artist or song is speaking exclusively to you or your current circumstance.

And because lyrics are so vital to so much good music, not bass-thumping EDM, today we'll be showing you how to get lyrics for the new iOS Music app with Apple Music. This will work regardless of whether the songs are on your iPad or iPhone or being streamed.

Get Lyrics in a Widget

To get your lyrics with a widget residing in your Notification Center, install the free application called Musixmatch. With one of the largest catalogs available, Musixmatch ensures that your lyrics will be present.

Once you have it installed, be sure to add the widget to your Notification Center, then simply play a song and watch the scrolling lyrics. The widget also conveniently allows you play, pause, or skip tracks.

Place Lyrics Within the App

If you're a jailbreak user who'd rather have the lyrics within the app itself, available at the tap of your finger, then install the LyricForMusic tweak—it's free and available within Cydia. If you haven't jailbroken yet, check out our guide to get that taken care of in no time.

Before using the tweak, open the preferences, which can be accessed from an app icon on your home screen, then enable the app and toggle on the option to make the lyrics "Copyable" as well as configure the way text is displayed.

To utilize the tweak from within the Music app, simply tap the album art of the currently playing song. Unfortunately, the lyrics will not automatically scroll for you, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker. Again, this will work for songs stored on the phone in addition to music streaming from Apple Music.

It's only after reading the lyrics that some songs truly begin to resonate with me and become a favorite, so try these methods out and tell us which you prefer.

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