How To: Get the New iPad Pro Wallpapers on Any iPhone

Get the New iPad Pro Wallpapers on Any iPhone

The current iPhone lineup inarguably features Apple's best displays to date, but the stock wallpapers don't really do the screens justice. There are plenty of third-party wallpapers you can use, as well as ones you create yourself. However, if you want that typical Apple feeling, you're better off sticking with Apple wallpapers, and the iPad Pro has some beautiful ones that look awesome on an iPhone.

These still wallpapers are exclusive to the iPad Pro, but that doesn't mean you can't have them on your iPhone right now. Reddit user ajsayshello discovered they could AirDrop the 5K demo images from an iPad Pro at the Apple Store, then uploaded them online for all of us to enjoy.

While their initial upload to Imgur resulted in compression, fellow Reddit user TomLube appears to have assisted in creating a WeTransfer link containing full-resolution 5K versions of 25 of the iPad Pro's images. Below, we added the missing Buenos Aires wallpaper for a total of 26.

The missing Buenos Aires wallpaper.

Of course, it doesn't matter if the images are 5K or not if they are presented on an iPhone. Apple's iPhone displays cannot properly reproduce images of that quality.

A 5K image is approximately 5,000 pixels wide, and these iPad Pro ones are 5,464 pixels wide at full resolution — twice as wide as the resolution on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. When using either a portrait or landscape wallpaper, the 5K images here are almost five times wider than the iPhone X's display and over seven times wider than the iPhone 8's display.

That's not to say these images won't look fantastic on your iPhone X, or even your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or older model of iPhone as well. Quality is more than just the pixels, but speaking simply in terms of "5K," it simply doesn't matter for iPhones as they stand today, so the Imgur images would be more than fine.

How to Download the Wallpapers

While all you need to do to download these awesome iPad Pro wallpapers is to follow the WeTransfer link, that's not a permanent solution. Free WeTransfer links expire after just seven days, so if you're coming to this article only one week from its publication, you'd be out of luck.

That's why we've uploaded all the images to our own MediaFire site here. We'll make sure the link stays up for good, so if you ever need to redownload them again, just revisit it or this article. You can also snag them from the Imgur gallery, but it's missing a few wallpapers, so MediaFire is the way to go.

Of the 26 wallpapers featured here, 14 are portrait shots while 10 are landscape. Of course, all are made to fit the dimensions of the iPad Pro, so none will natively fit your iPhone display. The 14 portrait images will have to be cropped less than the landscape images due to the shape of the iPhone's display, but all will work fine in almost any orientation you see fit.

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Cover image by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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