How To: Get the New Dark Keyboard on Your iPad or iPhone Without the iOS 7.1 Beta

Get the New Dark Keyboard on Your iPad or iPhone Without the iOS 7.1 Beta

If you're lucky enough to have an iOS developer account, then you had a brief glimpse of some of the darker options with the 7.1 update, including a darker keyboard. This was exclusive to developers who installed the first iOS 7.1 beta, but is no longer available, unfortunately.

For those of us that don't have an extra $100 to drop on a developer account, there is a way to get this dark keyboard, and not only as a preview, but as your default look. All you need is to jailbreak your iOS 7 device. Already jailbroken? Then this will be quick!

Step 1: Install Bloard

Open up Cydia, search Bloard, then install.

Step 2: Enable Tweak

Easy, right? Next, go into your Settings application, locate Bloard and enable.

There's not much else to it. If you want to revert back to basic white, then just go into the Bloard settings and disable.

Easy! Enjoy the darker-look, and let us know of any trouble you run into. Check back soon as we'll be covering several more new softMods for iOS 7 over the coming weeks.

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Pleeeeez what's the name of this font????

I'm real sorry. I haven't been jailbroken for a while now and can't remember this font name for the life of me, but it's one of the ones in this guide's screenshots. Names are provided, but you'll have to test them out. It might be Ubuntu Light. Let me know if this helps.

Yeah it was true thanks aloooooot I really appreciate it :)

That's awesome! Glad to hear.

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