How To: Get to Know iOS 8's New Photo Editing Tools

Get to Know iOS 8's New Photo Editing Tools

The new Camera app in iOS 8 has a few really great features, but some of the best photo-centric features were packed into the iPhone's photo editing tools. These new editing features can create even more dynamic images than before, no Instagram required.

In this guide, I'll be walking you through all of the new photo editing features available when viewing a snapshot from your Camera or Photos apps. Watch the video below, or jump down for the written walkthrough.

The New Layout

Things are still relatively familiar, just shifted around a bit from iOS 7. Red-eye correction and auto-enhance options are now located on the top of the page, while the cropping tool and image filters still remain below the image.

(1) Select an image and tap Edit, (2) The editing options will now be displayed

Better Image Composition Tools

You may have noticed that the image rotation option was absent from the layout shown above, and that's because it's been encompassed into the composition tools found under the image cropping symbol.

Aside from the basic cropping of images, when the composition feature is opened, it now automatically adjusts images to straighten horizons using the built-in accelerometer.

(1) Easily rotate an image youself, (2) Crop by using the grid framing your image

Smarter Adjustments

By adding tools to easily adjust Light, Color, and B&W, iOS is attempting to deter people from using third-party apps, like the editing/post-processing features found on apps like Instagram. Just tap on the new knob-like icon to check out the new options.

(1) Tap the adjustment icon, (2) Light, Color, and B&W options will open

The three categories are expandable and show the various editing options that can be modified.

(1) Tap the arrow to expand aspects of image to adjust, (2) Use the scale to fine-tune

Simply select the levels you want to control and use the slider to adjust them.

Make Your Good Pictures into Great Ones

With the amount of tools provided, turning bland images into more vibrant ones has never been easier. Just take a look at what I accomplished in less than a minute.

(1) Original image, (2) Edited image

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