How To: Get Flash video on iPhone/iPod touch without jailbreak

Get Flash video on iPhone/iPod touch without jailbreak

In this video I show you how to get a Flash plugin to allow you to play videos in safari. Your iPhone/iPod Touch does not have to be jailbroken to do this. If you are having problems not getting the email make sure you look in your bulk or spam folder of your email. Just click the activation link in the email refresh the safari page and everything should work.

Note: This tip may only work for YouTube videos.

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Where is video.?


i want my video to be watch on my screen
& download how to get it

Podrian to explain across a text?

i have Q?. i download apps from installous. i succesfully DL and install. but it doesnt appear in my iphone homepage. is there any additional apps to be install?. kindly send me ans? tnx.


i have tried several times to get toneFxs unlimited, but it keeps going to the section purchase or buy now. i followed instructions but it does not work for me. my iphone is jailboke. help

This is GAY..the plugin merely redirects any flash videos you are trying to watch to the iphones default quicktime player. Basically, if the video you are trying to watch isn't uploaded onto YOUTUBE, THE VIDEO WON'T PLAY. It just searches for the video on youtube, if it's not there no go.
Stop trying to deceive people! JERK

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