Gaming: Play Netmarble's 'Lineage 2 Revolution' on Your iPhone Right Now

Play Netmarble's 'Lineage 2 Revolution' on Your iPhone Right Now

Netmarble's Lineage 2 Revolution has finally soft launched in the Philippines, giving mobile gamers hope that a worldwide release isn't too far off. What many don't realize, however, is that this game can be had for free right now — with a little digital elbow grease, that is.

Lineage 2 Revolution has been a runaway success in South Korea, generating $176 million in revenue within a month of its launch. And once you play this beautifully made MMORPG that claims to have the "largest persistent open world on mobile," it'll be easy to see why.

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, Lineage 2 Revolution boasts console-quality graphics you have to see to believe. The game lets you choose between four semi-customizable races and three different classes to best reflect your style of play. From dark elven rogues to dwarf mages, this latest masterpiece from Netmarble is sure to have the perfect character combination to suit your needs.

All the usual RPG elements are present, such as leveling up your character and their gear through combat and experience, banding together with fellow players to prevail against epic bosses for rare loot, and crafting ever more powerful weapons and armor to help you vanquish all your foes. So if you'd like to try the game on your iPhone or iPad right now, read further to find out how.

Download & Install Lineage 2 Revolution

To play Lineage 2 Revolution, you'll need to be running iOS 9 or higher on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Beyond that, you'll simply need to trick the App Store into thinking you're in one of the countries where the game has been soft launched — in this case, the Philippines.

To do that, create a new Apple ID using a valid email account and a realistic home address for the Philippines, then sign into this account on your iOS device. If you'd like more help with this part, we've got the entire process covered in detail at the following link.

Once you've set up your Philippines-based account, the rest of the process will work just the same as installing any other game. So head to the App Store and search for Lineage 2, or tap the following link from your iOS device to get it installed.

As a soft launched game, Lineage 2 Revolution is technically still in development, so don't be surprised if you run into a few minor bugs. But we tested the game on multiple devices running different iOS versions and found it ran perfectly fine with no noticeable glitches. How is the game working on your device? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks


Following the guide to create an account, but it still asks for credit card information when sign in, anyway to bypass it? cant select "none" either.

Did you create the account using your iPhone? If so, there should be an option for "none" under "Payment Type".

there are only visa, master card, american express and mobile as payment type, no "none" payment, tried for all countries that lineage 2 was released, they all doesnt have "none" payment.

The only app store I've encountered where there wasn't a free option to proceed was Brazil's. Have you tried signing in using your computer?

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