How To: Fix Passbook Problems in iOS 6 (Or Just Download a Free Alternative App Instead)

Fix Passbook Problems in iOS 6 (Or Just Download a Free Alternative App Instead)

In an effort to appease iPhone fans eager for an NFC-equipped device, an option that is available on many other smartphones, Apple created Passbook, their version of a digital wallet.

Passbook allows iOS 6 users to upload supported coupons, gift cards, and tickets directly onto the mobile device, saving the need to carry around all the cards in your wallet. But unlike Google Wallet, which actually supports a series of credit cards, Passbook doesn't support any type of direct payment method—a common misconception about the application. Passbook only works with apps made specifically to support it, and there are only a few available right now.

iOS 6 has run into its fair share of problems and Passbook wasn't able to rise above the fray. Since Passbook is only compatible with iOS 6-ready applications, users must download or update the compatible apps through the Apple App Store and follow the process of registering for mobile coupons and enabling access to Passbook. This will eventually cause some storage issues, since instead of having one individual application that holds your information, Passbook merely accesses the multiple applications you need to have already downloaded.

Nevertheless, many have not been able to connect to the App Store to start adding card to their Passbook.

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For those of you having trouble accessing the App Store through the Passbook app, here's what you can do. One quick way is to hard-reset your device by holding the sleep button and the home button for a few seconds. If that doesn't solve the problem, try out this solution:

  • Go into Settings > General > Date and Time
  • Where it says "Set Automatically," switch that "Off"
  • Proceed to set the date to the year 2013

Now go back and check if you can access the store; you should be able to. Once you are connected, you can go ahead and switch back the Set Automatically feature.

If you want to avoid Passbook totally, then there a few applications that provide the same, if not better productivity.

Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet lets you capture the image of your desired card and uploads the digital image to your iPhone. This app allows for unlimited uploads and doesn't require any additional application downloads. Lemon also keeps track of your purchases, which is great for those who like to keep a detailed budget.

Key Ring

Key Ring is another free application that lets you scan loyalty cards and coupons right to your phone. As a bonus, Key Ring also gives you access to exclusive discounts and coupons.

Got any more Passbook alternatives? Let us know.

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I've run into an issue with Passbook, but it has nothing to do with the App Store or anything like that.

I've never even actually opened the Passbook app, I was just trying to move it to another page (rather than the first page, where it automatically place itself).

I had successfully rearranged other apps, but when I tried to move the Passbook app off of page one—and then press the home button to stop the rearrangement process (removing the Xs)—the whole phone shut down. I tried like 10 times, in different locations, and it powered down every time.

Then, I tried moving another mandatory app that didn't have an "X" near it, and that worked. So, I went back in and tried the Passbook again and finally—it worked.

Weird, huh? Has anyone else come across this issue with the Passbook app?

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