How To: Find the Nearest Public Restroom on Your iPhone

Find the Nearest Public Restroom on Your iPhone

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go. No matter how hard you try and hold your pee (or the dreaded number two), it's going to find a way to leave your body one way or another. That's why it's always good to know where all of the nearest bathrooms are at all times, no matter where you are.

With over 100,000 bathrooms in its database, Flush Toilet Finder, from developer Jake Ruston, will make sure you find the nearest restroom to your current location.

Open Flush Toilet Finder on your iPhone to view the nearest public restrooms to your current location. Underneath the map will be a list of all the nearby restrooms, along with locations, addresses, and other details like whether you need to pay, if it requires a key, and if it's handicap-accessible.

Once you find a bathroom, hit "View directions" to be redirected to Apple Maps. Even if you're offline, you can search for restrooms, although the app won't be able to route to it from your current location.

In the future, user contributions would be useful to implement in the app, sort of like Waze, so users can rate restrooms and add ones that might not show up.

So the next time you're walking around and can't find a restroom near you, pop out your iPhone and Flush Toilet Finder will do the work for you. Let us know what you think in the comment section below, or via Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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