How To: Email & Text Multiple Photos Faster in iOS 8

Email & Text Multiple Photos Faster in iOS 8

As it is right now, you can only send 5 images by email at the same time from your Camera Roll in iOS 7. There are some workarounds to increase that number, but a new feature in iOS 8 is finally making them unnecessary.

In iOS 8, the five-image limit is now gone. In addition, you can now choose more than one image when texting in the Messages app, which is definitely more convenient when you're in the middle of a conversation.

Texting More Than 1 Photo in the Messages App

Currently, you can only select images one-by-one directly from the Messages app in iOS 7. The workaround for this is to select them from the Camera Roll directly and share them in a message, but in iOS 8, that's no longer necessary.

When inside a conversation, tap on the camera icon (versus using a swiping gesture). This will expose your photo options; just tap on the thumbnails of your recent photos to select them.

In iOS 8, you can check up to 20 images, though the recipient may not appreciate it.

The drawback is that you're restricted to recent images, but you are able to send up to 20, so sharing pictures from that crazy night is now easier than ever.

UPDATE: The Below Feature for Mail No Longer Works

The ability to add more than 5 images to a new email feature has been removed from iOS 8 beta 2 (June 20, 2014), and did not make a return in the official iOS 8 release.

Emailing More Than 5 Images at Once in iOS 8

As previously stated, you could only email 5 images at a time via email, unless you used the workarounds. These workarounds are no longer needed in iOS 8. Just check out your Camera Roll from either the Photos or Camera app, tap Select on the top right, and begin choosing your images. Next, tap the share icon and select Mail.

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when i select more than 5 pics, mail icon disappears :(
ios 8 beta 2

Thanks for pointing that out. I just tried it myself, and it didn't work. I hope they give us this feature back with the official iOS 8 release.

Yup, I just tried it too and it's not working. That is my only complaint with the IPhone so far. I can't believe I could do this on my Android but I can't do this on my IPhone. (emailing more than 5 pics, my mail icon disappears also once I select photo #6)

I agree. After iOS 8's official release, I immediately realized this awesome feature was missing.

But if you're looking for a way to do this, I suggest checking out MyRoll. It's essentially Camera Roll, but with the ability to email as many pics as you want. I use it.

Hope this helped.

I can't even send one photo via email in the last week I check a photo click mail icon and it asks me to add a mail account of which I already have 4 when I try to re add or use an existing it takes me to mail settings anybody know how to fix this

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